Putting multilingual at the core…

Thema is being developed to allow individuals to create multilingual websites of their own, with the hope to simplify publishing digital content in Welsh. The software can, by getting translated, offer multilingul solutions aside from the usual bilingual Welsh/English – and create websites that offer Welsh/Basque, Welsh/Catalan, and so forth.

By now, I’ve put the fundamental elements of the bilingualism into the theme. It works in a very simple way – by ensuring that the plugin Polylang by Chouby is loaded – which does everything technical that enables bilingualism/multilingualism. Thema will insist Polylang is installed once it is loaded into WordPress.

In Polylang, pages and posts are “marked” in the meta data with a language, and the users designate the other pages that correspond to these in the other languages. I hope that Thema will add an extra layer of usability, based on Polylang which will mean it will be that much easier to create and control a multilingual website.

Here are some of the aspects of usability that are in my plan:

  • See how many pages/posts haven’t been allocated a language
  • See how many pages/posts without a counterpart in another language
  • Add a new language easily

Do you have any specific usability aspects you would like to see? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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