Starting WordPress Community Wales

Launching WordPress Community Wales!

WordPress Cymru FacebookRecently, Wales has experienced a substantial tech-revolution – but of course there is quite a way to go yet before Wales is viewed as a fantastic location for digital businesses. Despite this, there are many communities and technology groups that have started and developed (e.g. Haciaith, Hedyn etc), which are celebrating the Welsh digitial businesses, and promoting communication and awareness amongst Welsh bloggers.

Welsh Blogs

On Hedyn’s list of Welsh blogs – most of them use WordPress as their system of choice for controlling content – probably because of the ease os use and the speed at which you can quickly start a WordPress site. Most of these have gone down the option of using the WordPress service which comes with hosting (on, rather than using their own hosting (on As well as this, there are many agencies and website design & development business (such as Gwe Cambrian Web!) who specialize in the use of WordPress for their clients.

This means that this is a huge wealth of users, designers and developors for WordPress in Wales – but no way for them to communicate and share news about the software. So – let’s create one! As part of Thema – here is a WordPress Community on Facebook – join us now and help us put Wales on the WordPress map!

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