Thema: Multilingual Theme Project for Wales

Well – here’s the start to another incredibly exciting project!

Recently, I’ve been very lucky to win a grant from the Welsh Government to develop a framework theme for WordPress, which will allow users to publish websites and content bilingually (and multilingually) really easily, and a theme which is accessible to all.

I’ll be designing and publishing three themes to start, for:

  • Business/Charities
  • Personal blogs
  • E-Commerce website

I hope to have the time to blog about the developments, otherwise, Thema will soon be here!

The Purpose

The purpose of the project from my view point is to enable anyone to publish content and websites multilingually, while making sure that they are accessible (can be used by anyone with any sort of disability). It’s a great chance therefore for business, charities, e-commerce websites, individuals and bloggers to have a modern website design, which gives them the ability to publish and annouce content bilingually/multilingually originally from their website.

I currently run a business which designs and develops websites, called Gwe Cambrian Web Cyf. Our business aim is to “Get Wales Online” – I am incredibly enthusiastic about being able to increase how much Welsh content there is online – especially the content we can find by using online search engines like Google.

As far as the Welsh Government are concerned, their aims for the project is to get more Welsh content online, an aim we are enthustic about also.

Open Source

I have decided to open this to the community as an open-source project. This means, of course that it will be free for anyone to use as soon as we have achieved the proposal for the grant but I am also hoping to create a community of Welsh WordPress developers who are enthusiastic about using this technology in Wales, to promote Wales and getting Welsh online.

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